North Carolina Woman Gets Stuck in Storm Drain Rescuing a Cat

woman in storm drain

Some people are just too good for their own good, really. Diane Pimpinello is one of those women. The Cary, North Carolina resident is just a do-gooder in every sense of the word, and she found herself in a bit of trouble after she tried to do a good deed for a cat. Fortunately, everything worked out quite well. She was just minding her own business in her home when she heard the unmistakable crying of a cat that was in trouble. She could hear the stress in the meow and so she went outside to see what might be the issue. What she found is that the cat was stuck in a storm drain. She did the right thing by calling animal control to get someone out to help the cat, but she felt that they were taking longer than she was comfortable with, and she climbed into the storm drain herself to rescue the cat.

What happened next seems a bit inevitable. She found the cat, of course, but the cat was not stuck in any dangerous situation. Just in there, the cat needed someone to get him out. However, Diane soon found that she was stuck and she required help being removed from the storm drain. What she did was a lovely thing, but also a very dangerous one that should serve as a reminder to the general public that waiting for backup is essential in a case like this. We are happy to say that both the cat and the woman are fine.

Photo by ABC 11 News   

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