North Walsham cat reunited with owner after going missing for six years

Missing cat

A North Walsham woman is celebrating after she was reunited with her missing cat.  Shay the cat went missing six years ago, according to its pet mom Kassie Tomalin.  The 32-year-old is also a big fan of football.  Her favorite team is the Newcastle United.  In fact, she named her cat after her favorite football player Shay Given, who played for NU a few years back.  She adopted Shay and his brother Oscar when they were just two months old from North Walsham & District Cats Protection.  Shay the cat went missing when she was three years old.  Shay’s disappearance left Kassie devastated and so her husband decided to get her a new cat, Jess, who is now six years old.

After six years of being missing, Shay was found unharmed near his home in North Walsham.  The rescuer then brought the feline to Toll Barn Vets, a vet clinic in town.  After checking Shay, the vet determined that the animal has been chipped and the clinic’s staff was able to track down its owners on the same day he was found.  Toll Barn Vets owner Faye Bethell said that she “had never known of cat go missing as long as Shay.”  Faye also addressed the importance of microchipping pet cats.

“He was always a bit of a walkabout cat – that is why we got him microchipped.  To have him back in such good condition is amazing. I cannot believe it. I still have to pinch myself every day that he is here. He is the same as he was before. He is very 
content,” Kassie said.

“Oscar and Shay are fine. It is as though they have never been apart,” she added.

We are so glad that Shay is now reunited with Kassie, his brother Oscar and the whole Tomalin family.  Shay is a very lucky cat to survive six years away from home and unharmed.  On the other hand, Kassie made a wise decision when she decided to have her beloved feline microchipped.  The microchip was a big help for their reunion.  Hopefully, they will keep Shay inside to prevent him from wandering away from the house again.

Image via Mark Bullimore

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