Nothing Could Have Prepared This Man for What He Found Inside this Box

Cats in box

This next story is both sad and very happy, at the same time.  While it starts out tragic, the ending will definitely put a smile on your face.  It all started when someone very cruel, decided to abandon two very cute kittens.  These felines were left to die, when they were placed in a box and dropped off on a snowing road.  This very remote road, which was covered in deep snow, was many miles from any homes or businesses.  So the person, who left these two animals, probably knew that they wouldn’t make it.

But by chance, their fates would be left in a strangers hands.  After traveling home from work, a man driving down the road noticed a box in the snow.  The box looked very strange to the man, because it was tucked under some tree branches.  So he decided to pull his car over and investigate what was inside.

After taking a look in the box, he was simply floored by what he saw.  Two orange and white kittens were in the box, shaking all over.  While whoever left these two in the box, did put some food in with them.  They obviously knew that there felines would never make it out alive.  The snow was simply too deep and the bitter cold had taken over these poor little huddle masses.

The man quickly put these cats in his car and drove them to his home.  He and his family worked together to get these two animals warm.  After warming them up, they gave them some food and they quickly ate it all up.

The family has since taken these starving animals to the vet and the outlook for them is much improved.  While one of the kittens is much sicker than the other, he is expected to live.  But since the cold has affected his tail, he is going to have to have part of it removed.

cats in box 2

These two animals now have a bright future with their new family.  This story although started out very tragic now has a very happy ending in sight. I for one was very happy for these two adorable little cats.

Image via Sliptalk

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