There are Now Cat Marshmallows for your Hot Cocoa!

Cat marshmallows

When it comes to enjoying a warm beverage during the winter months nothing is yummier than a cup of hot cocoa.  This piping hot brew can really warm you up even on the coldest days.  But now this traditional drink has gotten a little bit cuter thanks to one Japanese shop.

The Yawahada Marshmallow Shop which I located on the island nation of Japan has come up with a very cute way for people to add something a little extra in their hot cocoa.  So what’s this new product that has people all over the planet raving about?  Cat marshmallows of course!  Cat lovers around the world will surely flock to this cool new product and many of them will probably spend a lot of money just to purchase a few.

While some people might be put off by consuming something that resembles a cat, I think it’s a fun way to enjoy your drink.  It will add just enough sweetness and will give you something fun to look at while you are drinking it.  This product reminds of another famous marshmallow that we here in America often consume during the Easter holiday.

These very cute little marshmallows look just like an adorable cat that peeks up at you once your drink has been consumed part of the way.  This very unique idea really has taken off and now many people around the world are purchasing this product from this small shop in Japan.  With the worldwide success of this product, you just might be seeing them coming to a store near you in the future.  But for now there is an alternative to buying them in person.

While many of these cat marshmallows will probably be bought in Japan, people from around the world have the chance to purchase some from some website located here. So if you are a cat lover or you just love marshmallows, you should really check out this amazing product.  If you visit their website you can also see several more really interesting products.  So head on over after you finish reading this article.

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