These Ocicat Kittens Will Have You Cracking Up!

Ocicat Kittens

If you have ever watched Ocicat Kittens play then you know just how cut they can be.  These very intelligent felines seem to have a very good since of perception.  They are often seen chasing the sunlight as it peaks their window. This can be really cute to watch and they often do this for hours on end.  When young, these animals are very playful and sometimes can be a real handful. But people who have owned and raised these felines will tell you that it’s totally worth to have these lovely animals as pets.  While I have never had the pleasure of being around these cats in person, I have watched a lot of really cute videos about them.  I would like to share one of my favorite videos with you so that you too can enjoy these amazing animals.

This is One Super Cute Video!

The video below shows several Ocicat Kittens as they play a game of follow the leader.  It’s hard not to smile when you look at this video.  These little cats are really focused on what their owner is showing them.  While it looks to be some sort of light they are really intrigued by it.  The clock like accuracy that each of these kittens have is really amazing.  As they harmoniously turn their heads back and forth you really want to crack up laughing.  I wonder if they do this very often?  While this video has yet to go viral, it does have a lot of hits already.  I’m sure with time this funny video will be making its rounds online.  So why not get ahead of the crowd and go watch the video today.  When you are done, make sure to share it with your friends because I’m sure they too will get a laugh out of it.

Make Sure to Check out The Video before You Go

Words really can’t describe just how cute this video is.  So before you start surfing the web for something else make sure to click on the video below and check it out.  If you are in public you might want to be prepared because it will definitely have you laughing.  The music that is playing in the back ground only adds to the excitement of the video.  So take a few minutes to watch it and I am sure it will brighten up your day.

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