Office Workers Rescue a Cat From Danger on a Highway Overpass

cat on highway

After seeing a cat trapped on an overpass, office workers in West London sprang into action in order to save the cat from a certain death.  The feline, who was trapped on the overpass, could not get to safety because traffic was rushing quickly around her.  The very scared cat was in danger of falling to her death and the busy traffic under her would surely cause her much harm.  Once the office workers saw the feline, they drove up onto the overpass with a towel and cardboard box.  When they arrived on top of the overpass, the group was able to coax the cat into the box fairly easy.  Then they rushed the animal to a local animal hospital for medical attention.  It seems that the cat got onto the overpass, when someone threw her from a car onto the roadway.

Thankfully the cat, whose now being called Bridget is now safe and sound.  She was treated at the animal hospital for a scraped chin and is expected to be released from the hospital soon.  Thanks to the brave office workers, who risked there own life’s out in the busy traffic, this feline was not majorly harmed.  This dramatic rescue was all caught on tape by a few more co-workers, who were looking out of the building were the overpass is facing.  This is how the officer workers were able to spot the cat in the first place.

During the rescue video, you can see the cat sitting on top of the fence, which is located on the overpass.  Traffic is zooming by and you can tell that the cat is very scared.  But the animal did not jump or try to run from the office workers and allowed them to bring her to safety.  The cat must have known that the people were trying to help her and let them bring her away from the busy highway.  If no one would have spotted this cat in need, surely something bad would have happened to her.  You can watch the video yourself and it is located at the bottom of this article.

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