Old Man and His Cat Going For A Ride On A Motorcycle is Just Pure Awesome

cat motorcycle

As this very funny and unusual video starts out, you will see a beautiful white cat playing around. But then her owner comes into view and some amazing things are about to happen. As you can see, the two seem to be really close to one another. As the man stands up and gets ready to go outside, the cat jumps on his shoulders. Next the video cuts to the man and the cat riding on what appears to be motorcycle! Both the man and the cat seem to be smiling big, while they are going down the street. Someone is filming the pair and the camera person is also on a motorcycle. They get really good shots of the two and it appears that they are going pretty fast. But the cat doesn’t seem to mind this crazy way of getting around town.

After the man and cat get done with their ride, they head home. The man’s legs must be sore from all that riding, so the feline is giving him a massage. The cat kneads the man’s legs and it looks really relaxing. There is no need for the man to go to a massage parlor, because his cat can do it for him right at home. After that part of the video is over, you can see that cat is enjoying a ride on the swing. The red swing goes back and forth as the cat is holding on. This is a truly unique cat and he seems to love to do some things that people do. Not many cats would enjoy these things, but this cat surely does. The owner of the cat is pushing the kitty up and down on the swing and both are loving it.

The owner really loves his kitty and he takes very good care of her. You can see that he has prepared a very nice meal for the cat and she is really enjoying it. There is a lot of love in this household and you can see it when you watch the video, which is located below this article.

Image via YouTube.com

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