Older Cat Rescued From Hoarding Situation Finds Home With Reciprocal Affection


For Stephanie, life was never complete without an animal as a part of it. The Fort Meyers, FL resident looked several different places for a pet before finally visiting her local pound. She initially was looking for an older cat because to her knowledge, kittens get adopted out so quickly and older cats are far harder to place and far more likely to be put down.

Stephanie knew right when the volunteer told her about a cat named Gus that he was the cat for her. The 8-year-old feline was rescued from a hoarding situation and was one of 72 cats rescued. When Gus was brought in, he was sickly and seriously underweight. He’d been in the shelter for about three months when another woman had adopted him out before Stephanie could. She had him for only one night – all it took was one night for her to realize that he wasn’t the feline for her. When the woman brought him back the next day, she explained that he was too affection and she didn’t like that he slept on her pillow by her head. But the more the woman told her about Gus and let me hold him and interact with him, Stepahnie was hooked: she never he was the kitty for her!

Gus is still recovering from a respiratory infection and is still a little bit underweight. Also, as he’s getting better, you can see more and more of his personality coming out in him. He’s outgoing, loving, curious, but most of all he’s a part of the family. Even after such a short time having him she is very happy that he’s here and that she found him.

Photo Source: The Animal Rescue Site via Stephanie 

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