Ollie The Brown Tabby Healed Her Owner’s Heart


This amazing story comes to us from the Animal Rescue site.  It’s the story of an adorable brown Tabby (pictured above) named Ollie.  It was written by an anonymous user who sent in the story from upstate New York.  While we may not know who the owner is, this story touched our hearts:

I was only five years old when I was given my brown tabby cat, Ollie. She followed me around everywhere and did everything with me. She was my best friend since I was an only child. I remember mornings of waking up and having her and my other Norwegian Forest cat, Princess, wrapped around my head and legs sleeping. Then I had to move and Ollie went with me to my mom’s house. She continued to sleep with me every night. I would walk in from school and she was there, ready to greet me. When I was fourteen, my family had a dog that unexpectedly attacked her and she passed away twenty minutes later. I remember laying there crying as she passed away in my arms. My heart shattered that day and I was mourning for weeks and couldn’t get over how much I missed my cuddle bug and still miss her to this day.

About two to three weeks later, I was riding with my Mom back to our house. I remember I was so sad while staring at my feet the entire ride until she spoke up and asked if I saw that sign we drove past. Little did I know, she took this detoured route on purpose because the sign said, Free Kittens. We stopped and looked around for the kittens. There were some running around like crazy outside, jumping all over the place and it was clear that this mother calico was a stray. My Mom pointed out this little one peeking his head out of the side of the building where there was a broken window. I knew right away he was mine.

Bailey is now four and a half years old and has the best personality. He cured my broken heart and is that perfect friend that always makes me smile. The place we rescued him from actually burned down a year after we adopted him. He is a happy and loving family cat. He always struts into rooms just so you can pet him. Our loving playful, cuddly, fuzzy, purring, loved kitty.

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