Once Abandoned Ginger Kittens are Living the Life of Luxury Now

ginger cats

Some people are awful. They take little kittens that they know cannot survive on their own, and the dump them somewhere. Some do it because they are simply too careless to go out and get their cats fixed before they let them interact with other animals. Some do it when they find kittens in their own yard or shed or porch that some feral cat has given birth to. They do it because they are heartless. It is absolutely understandable that not every person can take every single cat that ever lived and give it a home. it’s understandable that people cannot take in all the kittens. Perhaps they are allergic. Perhaps they travel all the time. Perhaps they simply cannot afford it.

Whatever it is, there is no reason not to take kittens to a shelter and say any of the above, so that they at least have a fighting chance at not dying in the streets. When these two ginger kittens were abandoned in a garden by some heartless person, a wonderful person intervened and cared for these babies. They now live with their kitten family, who cared for them every single day when they were found. They fed these little boys every four hours all night long for weeks. They cuddled them, loved them and gave them a home; and now these cats are living the life of luxury in their new home. It’s beautiful, and we love every second of it.

ginger kitten ginger kittens ginger kitties

Photo Credit – Instagram

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