What Do You Do if One Cat Bullies The Other?

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Much like people, different cats have different kinds of temperaments and personalities. Some felines are way more outgoing than others who are more timid, while¬†there are also those who are more aggressive than other cats. It’s very common for cat owners to have more than one cat in their households, which is often a great thing: the felines have companions and siblings to deal with. However,¬†the issue of one cat bullying another can come into play in a multi-cat or multi-pet household as well.

Here are some tips on what to do if your cat bullies the other:

1. If your bullying cat isn’t spayed or neutered, make sure you get it done – the same thing goes for the timid one that’s being bullied. Cats who haven’t been fixed often have raging hormones, which often causes their bad behavior.

2. When you aren’t around, keep the two cats separate from each other. Each feline should have a space that is their own, with their own separate clean food, water and litter box.

3. Give them both separate places and chances to get away from each other. Provide them with opportunities to be away from one another by giving them a cat tree and cleared out bookshelves and boxes that they can both play in as well as feel safe in. Another idea would be to put a bell around the neck of the “bully” cat so that the timid one will know when the other cat is coming and where it is at so they can avoid it.

4. Reward the cats with any positive interactions they share. Positive reinforcement is always a great way to promote good behavior. Also, avoid using punishment for negative behavior, as it only makes it worse.

5. Consult with a cat behaviorist. Sometimes it just may be out of your hands and the assistance of a professional just might be what your felines need.

(Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

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