One-Eyed Cat Doesn’t Need His Humans To Get Him A Drink, Or Anything!

cat in sink

As you will see in the video that’s located below this article there is a beautiful one-eyed cat sitting in the kitchen sink.  The reason why the cat has lost his eye is not known but one thing is for sure he is very independent.  During the video this super smart feline does something that most cats simply can’t do.  As he lies in the sink it seems that this feline feels like he needs a bath.  But unlike most cats who need their owners to give them a bath, this cat does it all on his own.  As you will see the kitty carefully uses his paw to turn on the water and it starts to flow out of the faucet.

The feline then lets the water run onto its fur and it drips down back into the sink.  Most cats would freak out at the thought of water running on their fur but this feline seems to love it.  Instead of jumping out of the sink this cat lays there and let the water flow.  Maybe this kitty is trying to stay cool on a very hot day.  This is a great way to cool down and get clean at the same time.  The owner of the cat has set up this camera to catch their cat in action.  This independent cat must do this a lot and this is why they have decided to record it. It’s great that they did decide to record it because now everyone can enjoy it.

It seems that this isn’t the only thing this cat can do on his own and his owner must be very proud of him.  Maybe this feline gets his own water and maybe even his own food.  The cat really doesn’t let having only one eye stop him from doing anything.  He makes a great example that we could all learn a thing of two from.  So make sure to check out this amazing feline and watch him take a bath all on his own, and you too will be amazed at this very intelligent kitty cat.

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