A One-Eyed Cat Named Popeye is Found 2400 Miles from Home


A one-eyed cat is lucky to be alive after being found wandering the streets in California. Found by a kind stranger named Kelly, the feline was found over 2,000 miles away from home and in pretty bad shape. Luckily he is on his way to good health, thanks to the kind heart of the stranger.

The 13-year-old feline had initially stolen the hearts of volunteers at Furkids in 2007 after the largest Georgia no-kill shelter adopted him when he was five years old. (There, he was affectionately named Popeye.) A woman ended up taking custody of Popeye and relocated to San Francisco with him. She moved again once more, but, for some reason, ended up leaving the cat with her cousin while she took a job in Ohio. Now, the feline was either abandoned or ended up escaping from home when Kelly found him in the street – no one is for certain on the situation.

When he was found, Popeye’s eye was infected, his fur was thinning on his even thinner frame, and his teeth were rotting. His health condition was going downhill – and fast! While you could definitely tell he was in pain, he also seemed very excited about being rescued, Kelly has said. The Good Samaritan rushed the poor feline to the vet, who discovered he was microchipped and was traced to the Furkids, who were located 2,4000 miles away.

Popeye was then whisked off to California to get care from a Roswell veterinarian, who set aside a week to focus on the poor cat. He is currently remaining in their care.

“Popeye had 12 teeth removed, and has one remaining,” said Lauren Frost of Furkids. “He truly is ‘Popeye’ now.  His mouth is healing, and we are treating an upper-respiratory infection and eye infection.  He is a survivor.”

Photo Source: WSB-TV 2 

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