Oregon Woman Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Cat Hit by Car


When Melanie Blake lost her cat of 12 years due to cancer, she was not planning on getting a new pet anytime soon. Her beloved pet passed away just a few weeks ago and the woman was really torn up about the death.

But one day while stopping by a gas station, she was talking to the attendant when she noticed a kitten in a box.  Melanie asked what was going on because she noticed the kitten had been injured.  According to the attendant, the feline had been hit by a car just a few minutes before Melanie arrived at the station.  The cat had crawled its way out of the road and the attendant placed him in a box.

Melanie was very worried that the animal would be put down because it was so badly hurt. So after convincing the gas station attendant to allow her to take possession of the animal, she took it to her Vet.  After arriving at the Vet she decided to give the animal a name and she started calling the hurt kitten Canyon.

But the surgery that the kitten needed was going to cost a lot of money.  Melanie simply couldn’t afford to help the animal on her own. So she took to the internet and started a crowd funding account with gofundme.com.  She also enlisted the help of a local rescue group Cat’s Cradle Rescue to join her cause.

With the combined help of donations from gofundme.com and the rescue group, Canyon was able to get the vital surgery that it needed. This was music to everyone’s ears and now the cat is expected to fully recover in a few months.  But unfortunately, the post-surgery care is going to cost even more money.

So Melanie is trying to raise $3000 in order to care for the kitten during its full recovery. While this is a large amount of money, if everyone would donate just a few dollars she would have the money in no time.   If you would like further information about her efforts to raise funding for the animal you can find it here gofundme.com

Image via Melanie Blake

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