Oreo is One Cute Blessing from Superstorm Sandy


Life was getting a little scary for Stacey Wohltman because she was preparing for Superstorm Sandy.  But something changed the day before.  As she explains, “Oreo is an 11 month old female who was just a baby when my cousins found her in their back yard right before Superstorm Sandy. They provided shelter for her during the storm and needed to find a permanent home for her afterwards. It was love at first sight for me. I took her in and it was one of the best choices I ever made!

This is a picture of her playing with her favorite mouse toy which she also likes to play fetch with. I’ve never seen a cat fetch a toy and bring it back before but she will do this for hours! She even pants when she gets tired from playing. This picture represents her unique playful side!”

Apologies on the photo not being clear but come on.  You gotta love that story!

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