Orphaned Kittens Chewbacca and Wicked Are the Cutest Snugglers!


First of all we have to give a shout out to whoever named these two kitties.  Star Wars fans can certainly appreciate Chewbacca and Wicket.   What every person can appreciate is how much these to love to snuggle up to their surrogate cat mommy Sophia.  But where else do they love to snuggle?  Almost anywhere!  Take warm pockets for example.  Maybe it reminds them of the womb?  Maybe they still seek the warmth and cushioning they got while developing into this world?

But what these little cuties love the most is snuggling up to Daddy’s beard while smothering him with love and kisses!  If these cats were any bigger they’d probably do bodily harm by all the affection they show.  But since they’re so tiny this automatically becomes one of the most adorable videos of the year!  This is just so cute.  We dare you NOT to watch!

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