Owner Claims Cat Missan is Turning 30: Could Be World’s Oldest


A Swedish woman claims that her 29-year-old farm cat is the oldest cat in the whole world.  According to the kitty’s owner Asa Wickberg of Karlskoga, Sweden, Missan the cat is going to be thirty this Spring.  In an interview conducted by TT news agency Wickberg said that she read an article about another feline that’s currently the world’s oldest cat title holder and thought to herself that Missan, her cat, is older. Tiffany Two, the cat from California, is the current Guinness World Records official holder for the oldest living cat title.  Next month Tiffany Two will celebrate her 27th birthday.  Documentation is a must for anyone seeking the record holder status from Guinness.  And in this case, Missan’s owner needs to show proof of the cat’s age for the animal to break Tiffany Two’s record.

Wickberg said that she found an abandoned kitten back in 1985, which she later named Missan, and their family dog accepted the young cat with open arms and adopted her as one of her own pups.  Missan’s owner described her to be a bit of a loner, a bit shy and a little cautious but fond of dogs. For the past 16 years Missan the cat has been living in the stable.  “She doesn’t visit us in the house. She’s a lone wolf and has always been a little shy and careful,” says Wickberg.

As an elderly cat Missan has her fair share of health issues including kidney and minor back problems.  But with the help of healthy eating habits and taking some cortisone, the oldie farm feline is in good health.  No wonder her owner is expecting her to make it to her 30th birthday.  I wish Missan good health and more birthdays to come.  Thirty cat years is sure a long time for felines to live and I am sure she got to live her life in the warm the way she wanted it to be.

I’m really amazed to learn that there’s another cat older than the Guinness record holder.  If Asa Wickberg can provide Guinness the documentation they need, Missan will set the new record and get the official recognition as the oldest cat in the world.

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