This is Pancake: The Kitten with Only Two Legs

Pancake the kitten

Pancake was born with only two back legs. She was a certified two-legged kitten when someone adopted her in the month of September last year. After a few weeks her owner noticed that the feline “wasn’t very active and spent most of her first week on her back, looking at us.” During that time Pancake’s owner used a spoon to fed her because she wasn’t able to roll over on her tummy yet.

In the next few days, while Pancake is getting used to her new family. The sister of her owner noticed something on one of the front limb slot. They took the feline to the vet and later found out the good news; Pancake is going to have a third leg by correcting the skin restriction. Even though it’s not guaranteed that a full leg will come out from, one thing is for sure the protrusion will help the cat’s balance and mobility.

Last October, Pancake had a successful surgery and recovered really well. In fact, a Facebook update was posted about her condition saying that the feline had started trying to use her third paw while playing. Then after a week, Pancake used her extra leg to walk around the house.

Nowadays, Pancake is just mastering her stride on the floors. She’s also said to be wearing a selection of cute knitted sweaters, which is really good just in case she wants to use a harness that will help her move around smoothly.

This story is an amazing story. Pancake sure is a lucky cat. First, she was adopted and given a good and loving home, thanks to her new family. Then after that, a miracle happened; she went from being a two-legged feline to a third-legged one. I bet this adorable kitty didn’t even expect a third leg to come out from one of his front limbs. I hope to see Pancake sporting a harness with wheels in the future.

Hopefully the story of this lovely kitten will inspire many people to adopt animals with disability. It’s a great way to save animals from being put down and give them a loving home.

Image via Facebook

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