Paralyzed Cat Had Little Hope of Survival but Then a Miracle Happens


This next story could have turned out tragic, if it wasn’t for the dedication of a cat rescue group. A cat named Oscar was taken to the Vet for a simple and routine surgery by his owner.  But to his new owners dismay, when she came to pick him up, the Vet had terrible news.  Its seems that Oscar was without oxygen to the his brain during the surgery, for unknown reasons and suffered from severe brain damage.

While the Vet recommended that the cat be put to, sleep due to the extent of his injuries, his owner never gave up on her cat. The owner of the cat was overwhelmed by this tragic event and asked a local rescue group to take over the care of the cat.  After retrieving the cat from the Vet, they rushed him to a specialized pet hospital and a neurologist was brought in to take a look at the cat.

While it was a long and hard struggle Oscar, is now much better and even able to slowly walk around the room.  This very strong minded cat never gave up and now he can even feed himself and play with other cats at the rescue. This miracle has amazed everyone at the rescue and with some more physical therapy, the strong feline is expected to make a full recovery. This is music to the ears of everyone including his former owner.  I wonder if the cat will someday be reunited with the woman that decide to give him a fighting chance, by giving him up to the rescue group, so that they could save his life?

I am very glad that these people never gave up on this cat and it goes to show you that life will find a way when given a fighting chance.

To find out more about Oscar and to see his miracle make, sure to check out the video below.  You too will be amazed at this cat’s recovery and the efforts of those around him to keep him alive.  So don’t leave before you watch the video.

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