Paralyzed Kitten Given Second Chance With a Wheelchair Gets Forever Home

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A kitten named Tumbelina was born with Cerebellar Hypolasia, a neurological condition that causes that cerebellum to be under developed. Tumbelina has a severe case of CH which affected her ability to walk. The adorable black feline was rescued by Valley Cats, Inc. from a high kill shelter. The rescue group quickly noticed the kitty’s lovely personality and wanted to give the animal a second chance in life. To help Tumbelina’s muscles she did hydrotherapy. She was also fitted a four-wheel-cart to help her walk. The wheelchair sure helped the kitty in a lot of ways. It made her more happy to be able to get around on her own and it also enabled her to play with other cats. Valley Cats worked hard to find Tumbelina a loving home. Then The Pet Collective, a TV Channel dedicated to help animals, featured Tumbelina’s story in a video. The kitty’s story touched the hearts of many cat lovers around the country. Many people have called and inquire about the lovely kitty. And one lucky woman became Tumbelina’s new pet parent.

A Georgia woman saw Tumbelina’s story on TV and fell in love with the cat. She then called the rescue group and applied to adopt the kitty. She was willing to drive from Georgia to California in order to transport the kitty safely, that’s how much she wanted to have Tumbelina. The woman also has experience with CH cats. In fact, she has another special needs kitty who loves her dearly and never leave her side. Valley Cats knew that she is the right person for Tumbelina and arranged the pick-up date. The woman, who is now Tumbelina’s new pet mom, came and picked up the kitty and took her home to Georgia.

We are very happy that Tumbelina found her forever home. Thanks to all the people who helped this special needs kitty in finding her forever and loving home. We applaud Tumbelina’s new pet mom for being so compassionate to cats with special needs. We wish them happiness and many years of happiness and good health together. Every cat deserves to be love and taken care of especially those who have special needs. If you want to help other cats that are in need of forever homes, please visit

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