Parents Suprise Their Little Girl with a Persian Kitten and Her Reaction is Priceless


So we’re going to start off by saying that it will literally be impossible for you not to smile after seeing this video.   Little six year old Brooklyn rummages through the tissues in her gift only to see the most adorable little Persian kitty buried below.   “I can’t believe my eyes!” she repeats over and over, as she gets to know her new friend.

But what makes the video even more special is the story behind the video.   Brooklyn had been devastated by the death of the family’s elderly cats and pleaded for a kitten to fill the hole, but her parents had decided against it. However, that’s only the beginning.  Brooklyn’s mother happens to work in a vet surgery where she recently looked after six newborn kittens born via emergency caesarean section.

Unfortunately 4 of those 6 kittens passed away within days of birth.   The cat’s owner had planned to sell the remaining siblings, but one was latent with heart problems which would make a sale very difficult.  At that point, Brooklyn’s mother decided to change her mind on getting a new cat. After eight weeks of care and recuperation, the kitten was ready to move in and meet his new owner.  And as anyone can see from the cute video, he has a devoted friend in Brooklyn.

Story via Parentdish

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