Partially Skinned Cat Goes From Being Rescued to Being the Rescuer


Not much is known about the early life of the now four-year-old cat Zeki, but one horrible fact stands out: as a kitten she was partially skinned with a hunting knife by an assailant in Dallas who continues to remain unknown. Luckily, the partially skinned cat was found by a Good Samaritan and was able to heal through surgery and recovery. Eventually Zeki was able to find her way into the home of Arden Moore, a renowned pet author, radio host, and pet expert who also teaches pet safety. Not only is Arden an instructor, she also has an extraordinary teaching partner in Zeki!

Together, the two work side-by-side: whether it’s teaching a class at the Cat Writers Association or delivering a cat behavior talk at the Pet Sitters International Conference. Moore describes her teaching cat as “outgoing, friendly, curious and definitely motivated by her favorite food on the planet: deli turkey.” In the near future, Moore will be taking Zeki to BlogPaws in Las Vegas for pet first aid demonstrations.

Aside from her role as a pet first-aid instructor, the rescue cat is also a certified therapy cat with Pet Partners, the national organization (formerly known as the Delta Society), providing much-needed comfort to individuals in hospice programs.

“Zeki’s message to people and to pets (and those looking for loving homes) is to live in the Me-NOW,” Moore says. “She had a terrible kitten hood, surviving a brutal knife attack that required months of recovery. But she is a shining example of living in the present moment and aiming for good things in the future. We can’t change our past, but we can make a difference today and tomorrow. That is the lesson Zeki teaches me every day.”

Image via Arden Moore 

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