Pepper the Cat Was Surely a Christmas Miracle To This Texas Family


In April 2012, Paula’s father was diagnosed with cancer, with stage 4 involvement. The chemo would only buy them time. As Christmas that year drew near, the family knew it would be the last we’d have with him, as the man’s health was failing fast. Her dad had always refused to say what he wanted for presents. His usual response when asked was, “Buy something for Mom” or to spend the money on themselves. It came as a complete and total shock when a week or two before Christmas when he had  asked for an extremely specific present.

The man said he’d been dreaming of a little grey kitten that would ideally be soft pawed – one that would stay on the bed with him and sleep on his chest. He wanted a baby feline, about six weeks old. As much as they were elated to know something he really wanted, they also were a bit panicked. All the family searched but couldn’t find such a kitten. As Christmas came closer the family despaired, since the only thing Dad had ever asked for, they couldn’t give it to him.

On December 23 Paula’s daughter called her nearly screaming. She had seen a kitten available on Craigslist and as soon as she saw the picture, it strongly convinced her that this was The One. She brought it to Dad on Christmas Eve with a bow around its collar. The kitten took one look at Dad and immediately wriggled free to jump to him. It gave Dad a couple head butts and curled up under his chin to sleep. Pepper very rarely left Dad’s bed after that. He was the most gentle thing I’d ever seen. Pepper was everything her father had wished for and it was truly a Christmas miracle.

Image Source: The Animal Rescue Assault

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