The Perfect Cheat Sheet For Understanding Your Cat


Here at Kittentoob we love to talk about cats.  That’s no surprise.  We love just about every breed.  We care for the well being of cats and kittens as much as anyone we know.  We want to make sure our cats are safe, treated right, have the right nutrition.  We’re also huge fans of kitten videos, funny cat videos, cat pictures, kitty pics, you name it!  So what do you get when you put nearly all of those things together?

We could be happier to share this amazing infographic that website Sheknows created.   It’s essentially a one sheet directional chart that helps everyone understand their cats.   From what your cats cares about, to how to properly pet your cat, all the way to feeding your cat, it’s a great tool to have handy whenever you might be running into trouble or have a guest over that isn’t too familiar with cats.

We hope you enjoy it!


Infographic via Sheknows

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