Persian Cats

white persian cat

While browsing the Internet and looking at cat photos, my daughter and I discovered that we share the same love for the Persian cat. While we both love all cats, (and have a Tabby cat in our family) we could not resist looking at photographs of these cute, smooshy, adorable, gorgeous cats. While looking through photos, I wanted to learn more about this very peculiar heart-throb. I was fascinated by the history, personality, and character of the Persian cat. Here is what I learned.

black perisn cat

  • Persian Cat: The History

There has been speculation surrounding the origin of the Persian cat. My daughter asked me, ‘Mom is the cat from Persia?” Turns out the history isn’t entirely known, but it seems that the early Persians did, in fact come from Persian-now Iran and Turkey. The Persian cat made its way to Europe through an Italian traveler, Pietro della Valle around the early 1600’s. Notably, Queen Victoria kept them as pets. (I knew they were royalty!) The first Persians arrived in America in the late 1800’s. (Geez. It took some time for these darlings to get here!)

  •  The Persian “Look”

The Persian cat has a heavy bone, short, thick legs and large paws. Persians are typically medium to large in size, with a thick neck and broad shoulders. A unique feature that the Persian cat possesses is the short tail. (And how cute a They have a short, thick neck, large shoulders & a broad chest.  It has a short tail which is in proportion  to the body. What melts my heart about the Persian cat is that beautiful, ooshy, booshy face! These cats have flat faces, pronounced eyes, a small nose, a large head and small ears. (Even when this cat is not happy, they are still beautiful. Yes, I’m still gushing over them). Persian cats come in all colors, both solid and mixed.

mixed persian cat

  • The Persian Personality

Seems as if the Persian cat is the complete opposite of the Siamese cat situation I encountered afew weeks ago. (You can read that story here!) Persian cats are sweet, docile, gentle, and great with kids. What makes them even sweeter? They are quiet. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying that big meow-ers are not sweet; I am just imagining the Persian cat face…being sweet…quiet…loving…(I just might get one. NOT joking!) Persian cats are laid back, they get along well with other pets, but Persian cats are not big fans of rambunctious kids. As long as everyone is cool with the kitty, the kitty will be cool with everyone! These cats are very loyal and love being in the company of their owner(s). They love attention and are very affectionate. (Ahhh!) wants to know if you have a Persian cat! What is your experience with this superstars? I have a basset hound and I always refer to her as my “low rider”. As I was looking at photos of the Persian cat, I thought, ‘Wow-a feline low rider!” These cats are definitely one of my new favorites. I always had a big interest in Tabby cats and Calicoes. I didn’t know much about the Persian cat–but I do now. Hopefully, you learned a few things about our feline friend–and maybe, you’re thinking about saving one? Oh, if only we could rescue a thousand cats! The purrrrrr-sian cat—divine royalty.


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