Pet Cat Saves Owner From Burning Home in Russian City Ufa

cat fire

A fire broke out in a home located in Russia’s Ufa.  The devastating fire almost claimed the owner of the home as a victim.  But thanks to a fast thinking feline, the owner is now recovering from the incident.  It all started on June the 9th when the owner was sleeping soundly in her bed.  She was sleeping soundly and didn’t even realize that a fire had broken out.  But luckily her cat was awake and started meowing very loudly.  The woman was quoted as saying this about the incident “I was awaken by my cat who was meowing loudly and tossing about the room. I extended my hand to switch on the light but it wouldn’t turn on – a short circuit. In complete darkness, I grabbed my rescuer and rushed outside,”

It appears that the fire was started by a short circuit, in the wiring of the home.  The blaze totally engulfed the building and when firefighters arrived, there was little left that they could do.  The woman was upset that she lost her home and everything in it, but is happy to be alive.  She is very thankful that her cat worked hard to save her life and she realizes she wouldn’t be here today if not for her pet.

This isn’t the first time a cat in this area of the country has saved their owner from a house fire.  In January a fire broke out in a home not far from the one in this story.  The man was sleeping inside and didn’t know what was happening around him.  The blaze would have surely killed the man if it wouldn’t have been for his cat.  The feline jumped on the man’s face and scratched him all over.  This made the man jump up and he was able to make it out of the home to safety.  But unlike the first feline, this cat abandoned her owner and never returned to the home were the fire broke out.  Both of these stories are amazing to hear about and there are many more stories of cats saving the lives of their owners.

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