Pets Get Luxury Accommodations at Denver International Airport


If you have a pet dog or cat going away for a business trip or vacation is a hard thing to do. Worrying about your pet is a common concern that most dog and cat owners have. You always worry about the loneliness and boredom that your beloved animal will feel while you are gone for a few days.  But there is good news for travelers and residents of the state of Colorado especially in the city of Denver who have pets.

Going off for a business trip or a vacation is now easier than ever for cat and dog lovers in the Denver  and neighboring area because a gorgeous and new pet resort just opened its doors a few days ago. The “Paradise for Paws” is a new pet boarding facility located at the Denver International Airport. It is now very convenient for travelers to leave their pets at this luxurious resort while they attend a business meeting or catch their flight.

This posh pet boarding facility offers only the best services to suit your pets’ needs. Cats and dogs will surely love the luxurious accommodations they have in store including a pool, massage rooms and suites with flat screen TVs. The pet resort offers the following service; pet daycare and overnight boarding. The price for their services starts at $25 for cats and $45 for dogs which is very reasonable. Paradise for Paws also offer parking for a flat fee to customers who want to leave their cars while they are away.

The Mayor of Denver Michael Hancock attended the opening ceremony last Thursday. He believes that the new pet facility will give pet owners peace of mind. I totally agree with what the Mayor said. The thought of being able to leave your furry friends to a good facility that will treat them like royals while you travel is simply amazing. Not only will it give you peace of mind, it will also make you feel good and help you enjoy your travel without worrying. Now both you and your pet can have fun while away from each other.

Image via DEN airport

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