Photographer Proves That Disabled Cats Are No Different From Any Other Cat


As a self-labeled “catographer,” Monika Malek spends most of her days taking pictures of cats.  What a lucky job!  Recently, Monika got to undertake in a project that really hit her close to home.  Monika used her photography skills to construct a photo series entitled “I’m Still a Cat.”  In the series Monika took pictures of 100 different cats all living with a type of disability.  In doing this series, Monika hoped to raise awareness towards disabled cats as well as prove that just because a cat has a disability doesn’t mean it’s any different.

Every cat plays.  Every cat meows.  And most importantly, every cat should be treated the same regardless of their physical condition.  If these cats don’t feel any different about themselves, then why should we treat them as such? The beauty Monika captures shines through her photos, and as you can see all cats really are created equally. We hope you enjoy some her photography below.










Photos via Monika’s FB page

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