Piglet the Kitten with the Cleft Lip Inspires the World

baby kitten close up

Meet Piglet. Piglet is a kitten with a cleft lip, and she is the hero of all hero kittens. She’s got some deformities on her face, but that does not make her any less adorable than any other kitten in the world. In fact, it might even make her all that much more adorable to most of us. She is certainly a darling kitten, and her life has been a little bit rough. She was born as a litter that was left to die when they were only a few days old. Chances of surviving being abandoned at that age are very slim when you think about it. Fortunately, she was rescued, along with her siblings, and they were all cared for, fed and watched round the clock to ensure their survival. Thank goodness for the wonderful people who did this for these kittens.

However, it was not long before these people noticed that there was something slightly off about Piglet. They realized she was very difficult as a kitten, and that she had a cleft lip. She is a very affectionate kitten with a love of people, but she is very needy. At this point in her life, she’s living with her cleft lip and no apparent health issues as a result. Piglet breathes like a normal cat, she behaves like a normal cat and she is, except for looking a bit different, a completely normal cat.

With her own social media following, Piglet is inspiring others to take on cats with special needs. This darling kitten’s platform is that physical deformities are not deformities and that they should make no difference to the people of the world. Let Piglet inspire you to look past a cat’s slightly different appearance of health needs and provide that cat with a loving home of its own.

baby kitten face

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baby kitten

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