Quick Cat tip of the Day: Play Daily with Your Cat


Telling you to play with your cat on a daily basis may sound obvious but we’re not here to tell you the obvious.  Playing with your cat is something you should be doing regardless of what we say.   But if you want some incentive on playing with your cat then read on.   It’s important to play with your cat everyday because cats thrive on a consistent routine.

If you build up a daily play routine then you can receive the benefits of your cat staying active in their later years. Homemade toys like wads of paper, socks stuffed with catnip and ribbons that you can drag on the floor cost little but bring huge rewards.

And remember if there’s one thing cats do need it’s consistency. Just like behavior training, it’s important to establish a relationship with your cat where they are not confused by your actions i.e. you play with them one day and not the next.

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