Police Officer Chooses the Purrrfect Companion for Elderly Shut-In


For people who live alone especially the elderly, having a pet is one of the greatest things they could ever have. Not only pets give them the companionship they need, it also helps boost their mood. But when they lose their beloved pet, their life becomes incomplete and the feeling of sadness and loneliness sinks in. In the next story, I’m going to share how a Police Officer helped a grieving senior to be happy once again by picking a new and purrfect feline for him.

Dale Atwood, an elderly man in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, lives in an independent facility with his cat Dolly. He adopted the feline in 2009, right after he moved to the facility. He stated that the cat loved to get on his lap. “She’ll lay her little head there and lay her paws on my hand”, Dale added.

Not too long ago, Dolly perished in a tragic accident inside their home. Dale sat on his recliner and found out that his beloved kitty had climbed underneath the chair. Once Dale became aware that Dolly was hurt and trapped, he called for help right away and Police Officer Andrew Tran responded to the emergency call.

When Officer Tran got to Dale’s apartment, he found the recliner tipped to the side. “It looked like he had made some efforts to remove bolts and screws from the recliner”, said Officer Tran.

Unfortunately, Dolly didn’t survive and Officer Tran called the fire department to help remove the feline’s lifeless body from the chair. Dale was shaken with the horrible accident and was taken by the ambulance to hospital for treatment.

Officer Tran was moved with Dale’s loss and wanted to help ease the pain that the elderly man was feeling.  Upon seeing the pictures of Dolly hanging on the walls inside the senior’s house, he immediately recognized the fact that the feline is Dale’s family. So he contacted Dale and told him that he will help him get a new cat. Dale asked Officer Tran that he would love to have another black one just like Dolly.

After a few days of making calls and visits to a shelter, Officer Tran found the purrfect feline for Dale. The next Monday despite of the snowstorm, Officer Tran brought a black and white tuxie cat to Dale, which really made the elderly man so happy. Dale named his new feline friend Frosty. The feline is now very happy with her new home.

Thanks to the kindhearted Officer Tran, Dale is now happy again with his new pet, and Frosty also found a new home. I’m glad things ended well for both Dale and Frosty.

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