The Most Popular Cat Names in the Country are Cutesy and Terrible?


Recently, there was a study conducted to see which cat names are the most popular.  While many of you might think names like Country, Cutesy and Terrible are the most popular that simply isn’t the case.  You see, times have changed and now people are taking a different approach to the way they name their pets.

According to a database owned by one of the largest veterinary pet insurance companies in the United States, the top five most popular pet names are Celo, Max, Luna, Oscar and Bella.  While these names are also people names, many people are now naming their pets these cute names too. So if you live in one of the states that are mentioned below, you know what people are naming their pets.

The database is broken down into states.  It seems the name Bella is most popular in the states of California, Texas, and North Carolina just to name a few.  The name Luna is most popular in Washington state and the name Max is most popular in Arizona.  Celo seems to be popular with people in Nevada and is the state’s number one cat name. Oscar on the other hand is favored by the state of Nebraska.

It seems that names like Miss Kitty and Mr. Fuzzy are long gone.  While you still might find some of those names around, nowadays, most people are using human names instead.  This trend is not new, it seems like for a few years now these names have been really popular. It is expected to continue and you should get used to seeing cats with human names walking around.

Picking a cat name has become almost as serious as choosing a baby name.  Pet owners take a lot of time and thought into choosing a name for their feline and there are now even websites dedicated to helping people choose a name for their kitty.  We love our pets and choosing the name they are going to have for the rest of their life is very important to us. So if you are getting a new kitten to call your very own, you should sit down and think about what to name him or her.

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