Prison Cats Make an Incredible Difference in Inmates Lives

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We all know that having a cat for a pet can bring you lots of joy.  But for the inmates at an Indiana prison, having a cat for a pet means so much more.  Working with the Humane Society, inmates at this state prison are paired with a cat of their very own. The inmates, some of them even on death row, are allowed to keep their cat inside of the cell block.  This programs which was aimed at giving needy cats permanent homes, has turned into something much bigger than rescuing an animal.

The inmates that have the privilege of keeping a cat seem to bond with these animals very closely.  The cats bring joy to the inmates in a normally dark environment.  This bond between inmate and cat has also helped reduce the violence inside of the prison.  It’s almost as if the cats have tamed the people who are locked up and have given them a new since of well-being. Many of the inmates have been incarcerated for very violent crimes.  But when you see just how much they care for their cat, it’s almost as if they their entire mood has changed.  This is great for both the cats and the inmates and both benefit from their relationship.

There is a code here at the prison that everyone seems to be following.  No one messes with another inmate’s cat and they all seem to respect the cats that call the prison home.  This has helped to reduce conflict inside of the prison and calm seems to have fallen over the entire facility. While not all prisons allow inmates to have cats inside of their cell, many are starting to catch on to the benefits of the program.  This program has a twofold benefit that both the cats and the inmates get to enjoy.  The program has also helped the staff of the prison avoid violence.  Its popularity at this state prison will likely cause other prisons to adopt this program.

For more information about this program, check out the video located below this article.  There you will find more stories of inmates and their cats.

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