Proof that Yawning is Contagious, Even in Kittens!

Yawing kittens

There has been much debate about the act of yawning.  Some people believe that yawning can be contagious while others simply refuse to accept that theory.  But the video you are about to watch will prove that in fact yawing is contagious.  The video starts out with three very adorable tiny kittens sitting around on what appears to be a rug.  The owner of these felines is recording them so he can share their cuteness with the world.  But what happens next is amazing and you too will be stunned by it.

The man begins to yawn very loudly.  At first it seems nothing is going to happen but then suddenly one of the cats opens its mouth widely letting out a yawn!  This seemed too good to be true but it was all caught on camera.  Many people would be satisfied with just one of the kittens yawing in response of their owner.  But for those of you that are still not convinced that yawning in contagious you need to pay careful attention to what happens next.  It will make most of you laugh and it helps prove that yawning is something that you can really catch.

A second cat starts to yawn after the first and it’s simply amazing to watch. Just like the first kitten the second let out a big yawn.  Watching this is super funny and it proves that yawning is in fact contagious.  But maybe there are some of you that are still not happy with the results?  Well just wait and you will see more proof.  The third and final kitten has seen both of his siblings and his owner yawn so without even thinking about it he lets out a huge yawn.  So now do you believe that yawning is contagious?  The owner of these kittens starts to laugh at these super funny kittens and they must do this all of the time.  This is probably the reason why he decided to record it.  If you want to see this super cute experiment for yourself you are going to have to check out the video located below.

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