Pudge is Reunited with his Pet Mom after Being Apart for Over a Year

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Pudge the cat is a lovely gray tabby who went missing in 2013.  Apparently, Pudge got out of the house and never come home.  His owner Errienne looked for him everywhere.  She even posted flyers for the missing cat but he was nowhere to be found.  As days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, Errienne gave up hope of seeing her beloved feline again. In the fall of 2013, Errienne and her family moved to Kansas from Colorado.  As they were getting ready to move, they thought that they will never see Pudge again.  But after a year and a half they were notified via an email that Pudge is alive and staying at the Dumb Friends League in Denver, CO, which is 620 miles away from their new home.

Staffs at Dumb Friends League discovered that Pudge was chipped, which helped them a lot in tracing the registered cat owner.  Right after learning the details about her long-lost cat, Errienne went back to Denver to pick up her beloved cat.

“There he was, still the same big, doe-eyed, adorable kitty looking up at me with his pathetic little meow.  I picked him up and just hugged him and hugged him,” Errienne said.

Pudge is doing great at their new home in Kansas, according to Errienne.  She is very glad to be reunited with her cat and acknowledged the important role of the microchip for their reunion.

“I thought for sure I would never see him again, and if he hadn’t been micro chipped, I never would have,” added Errienne.

Many pets go missing every day and many of them never come back home.  All pet owners are encouraged to have their cats and dog’s micro chipped or wear some type of proper identification such as collars and tags all the time.  Proper ID will increase the chances of you and you’re pet to be reunited, if ever they go missing. Micro chipping is a quick procedure that could help save your pet’s life.  Microchip has been responsible for the reunions of many missing pets and their owners around the world.  Ask your vet for more information about micro chipping your pet or you can visit the HomeAgain website.  Some rescue organizations also offer micro chipping services.

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