Is this the Purrfect Christmas Gift For Pets?

Christmas cat

A lot of people around the world get very excited about Christmas. From family reunions to festive dinners to gifts, it’s no wonder why it’s the best day of the year. Shopping for gifts is something that many of us put a lot of time into. It’s because we all want to pick the best stuffs to give to our family and friends. Most animal lovers consider and treat their pets as a part of their family. Typical gifts that we give to our beloved furry friends include toys and treats. But have you thought about giving them cute Christmas accessories like Santa hats, Snowmen and Christmas tree?

Knitted accessories for pets have gained loads of popularity lately. You can find one of the very fine knitters who sell cats clothing on the seller website Etsy. Merideth Langley from South Carolina owns a feline clothing collection store named “iheartneedlework” on Etsy. She takes care of her 3 kids and orphan animals. The 28 year old, started to make wardrobes and accessories for cats as her hobby but little did she know it will become her full-time career. Her beautiful collections of clothing for felines were recognized by pet lovers around the world. Her cat Bullwinkle is the model of her designs.

Warren Agee is from Chicago and he started his pet business in his one-bedroom apartment almost 4 years ago. The 36 year-old owns the “My Fabulous Puppy” store and designs all of his products. His store offers a wide variety of products from lovely hats to adorable jumpers. According to Agee his orders for this year are up by 65 percent. It means his business is doing really well. In fact, he started getting orders since September. He also stated, ‘More and more people are seeing their pets as an extension of their family. These products are for them.’ Like Langley, Agee is also has a large base of avid customers.

So if you want to give your beloved feline or canine friend the purrfect gift this Christmas, don’t forget to check out both of the stores I mentioned above. I’m pretty sure your pet will look cuter with the knitted accessories on. I think it’s also a great way to show your love to your pets.

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