Quick Cat Tip of the Day: A Climbing Cat is a Happy Cat so Keep it that Way

climbing cat

As many of you have probably found out simply by owning and observing your cat, cats love to climb.  You might see them in the most unexpected of elevations in your home.  They jump extremely high and are very nimble.  They can also fit through spaces you never would have thought they can fit through.

In fact, it’s really in their DNA.  Cats in the wild often found prey by going up into branches.  On the flip side to escape predators cats would also climb trees and limbs to get away from danger.   Climbing is a natural instinct for cats and it also keeps them in great shape.

So rather than fight it and prevent your cat from climbing in your home, encourage it but in a safe way.  There are plenty of climbing toys and kits you can buy.  If you’re really concerned about your kitty getting on top of that refrigerator then like we said, make it so that they don’t.   Encourage climbing behavior but only on certain allowable spaces.  You can encourage this behavior by feeding them treats for climbing in the right places.

Don’t discourage climbing in your cat.   Let them have fun but also within the confines of your comfort level.

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