Quick Cat Tip of the Day: Is there Such a Thing as a Silent Meow?


Have you ever caught your cat in a motion that looks like he or she is meowing but you can’t hear any sound?  Don’t be alarmed and don’t think you’re hearing has gone bad.   Also, don’t think you are hallucinating.  Many cat authorities have speculated that what you are seeing is in fact a cat meowing but the sound is so high pitched that we humans can’t hear anything.   The question however is, why does your cat do this?

Many behavorialists say it’s the ultimate gesture of love while other people speculate that it could mean your cat is hungry.  So if you see this happen you might want to give your cat a hug and a treat!  If however your cat has been meowing consistently with sound but all of a sudden it seems these silent meows are all your cat is now offering it might be time to consult a vet.

Best of luck!

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