Quick Cat Tip of the Day: Make the Litter Box Easier to Use


When our cats get older they unfortunately tend to age like we humans do.   Their faculties aren’t quite as strong.  Their mobility has weakened.   And they’re just not as active, excited, and eager as they were when they were younger.   It doesn’t mean they’re any less awesome.  It just means that you have to adjust to how you take care of them.   The area we’re focusing on today is their litter and how they go to the bathroom.

Since cats don’t move as well when they are older it might be a good idea to provide a little extra litter in extra boxes throughout the house so your cat doesn’t have to move too far when he or she has to go.   And for cats whose mobility has slowed you might want to lower the boxes as well.   Also, some cats have more trouble seeing as they get older.  Provide nightlights so their vision isn’t as impaired during evening hours.

Another issue with aging cats could be their aim.   They might be able to hit the litter as accurately as they used to.  In this case add a few pads for protection.   Lastly make sure to check your cats fur routinely.  As they get older urine may dribble and in cat with really long hair some of their business can stick to their fur.   That’s the last thing we want for our feline friends.

Good luck!

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