Quick Cat Tip of the Day: Never Get Someone a Cat as a Surprise Gift


We know that the title of this post almost sounds like you shouldn’t just up and buy a friend a surprise cat.   That kind of seems like common knowledge.   I know if someone just bought me a cat for the heck of it without my prior consent or knowledge I’d be pretty upset (even though I would take care of it happily).

What we’re talking about here is that you just don’t want to spring a cat on someone at an unexpected time.   This also applies to people who actually do want a cat.  So let’s say your child has been asking for a cat constantly.  You plan a nice surprise by giving your child a cat during a holiday.   Big mistake.

And we’re not talking about it being a big mistake for your child.  Your child will love it.   But what about your cat?  If you’re thinking about bringing a new cat into a family it’s best to do it during a “calm” time where the cat can get the attention it needs from a new family.   The last thing you want is to be running around during the holidays with a new cat on your hands.

While surprising people with a pet can be a nice gesture, it’s the wrong thing to do to the cat.

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