Quick Cat Tip of the Day: When a Kitty Bites you What do you Do?


When we adopt or purchase a new kitty it’s an exciting time.  Hopefully we’re as prepared as possible for the new venture.  The last thing we want to see are pet owners who simply get a new kitty and aren’t ready for it.  That means understanding all the medical advice you’ll need, home care advice, traveling, feeding, training, and oh about 6000 other things!  But let’s say you do have your kitty.  And let’s say you’re having fun with your new friend.   But in the midst of all this fun your kitty gets a little excited and winds up biting you.  What do you do?

Firstly remember that this is animal and these things can and will happen.   But here are a few tips to remember.

1. Don’t ever use your fingers as chew toys. Your cat will then think it’s always fine to eat flesh. Not good.

2. Use only fishing pole-type toys to put a safe distance between you and your cat. Even small toys aren’t good for interactive playtime, because your cat can get too excited and lose track of where the toys leave off and your skin begins.

3. If your cat has his teeth on your hand, don’t pull away, because he will instinctively bite down more. Prey tries to escape, and you don’t want to imitate prey when your hand is in your cat’s mouth. Instead, freeze and say a high-pitched “OUCH!” to momentarily confuse him and let him know this has caused pain. Then gently push your hand toward him. This will cause him to disengage.

Tips provided by Catster

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