Rare Manul Cat Has More Facial Expressions Than You Can Even Make


It you travel all the way to Asia, you may travel to the montane steppe. Once there, if you’re lucky, you might come across the Manul cat. This cat is also known as the Pallas cat. Living in high altitudes all year around, the Manul is a threatened species. The reason is because it doesn’t have a strong immune system to fight off common infections. The high altitude keeps this cat at bay.

Because of this, you won’t see them at any zoos – at least not any outside the mountains of central Asia – which is a shame, because they’re one of the funniest, most facially expressive animals out there. If you want proof of this then look no further than the pictures you are about to see.

Often times we think it’s us humans who can make faces with the best of them. But I would put this Manul cat up against any of our best comedians any day of the week! We’ve also decided to add our own captions for humor.

“You Talkin’ to Me?”


“Did I lock the door today?”


“No more catnip????”


“Don’t even think about walking through that door.”


“I’m the coolest cat in the entire world.”


“They cancelled Garfield?”


“I dare you to annoy me.”


“Wait a second, what do you mean solitaire is a one man game?”


“Yup, I just pooped myself.”


“Four leaf clovers!”


“You mean to tell me there’s Purina out there?”


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