The Rarest Big Cat on Earth is Starting to Make a Comeback

Amur leopard

Many of the world’s big cats are in danger of becoming extinct.  But for one large cat, things are looking up.  The endangered Amur leopard has made the news, this time for something positive.  Since 2007 the wild population of these cats has doubled in size. In both southeastern Russia and northeastern China the Amur leopard has been doing really well.  Data shows that these cats went from around 30 animals to up to 57, in just a few short years.  This is really good news and the people who keep a close watch on these animals are really excited about it.

The Russian Academy of Sciences used camera traps to help identify individual cats and they were placed in the Land of the Leopard National Park, which is home to 60% of the world’s population.  These traps are less invasive than traditional means of collecting data.  This allowed watchers to keep a close eye on these animals without disturbing the area. Hopefully in the future these large cats will make a full come back.  Both the governments of China and Russia are working hard towards re-establishing their original population.  Other big cat programs have proved successful and researchers are hoping that this one will too.

Siberian tigers were also once as threated as the Amur leopard and there numbers got down to only 57 animals left in the wild.  But with hard work and a very robust plan, they are now over 350 Siberian tigers.  This really shocked researchers, who thought it, would take longer for these cats to recover. The WWF is also involved in keeping an eye on these cats.  This non-profit group has helped countless animals recover from the brink of extinction.  Without the support of the WWF who knows how many animals the world we would have lost over time.  This worldwide group has worked in just about every country in the world, for the fair treatment and preservation of the animal kingdom.

While these cats are making a comeback, there are many animals that are struggling to survive in an ever changing world.  Let’s just hope that we can help each and every one of them hang on.

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