Reasons Why the Orange Tabby Cat Should Be Your Next Pet


It’s no secret that orange tabby cats make wonderful pets, as the popular cat is quite commonly known as a remarkable pet to own. Their bright-colored fur and their adorable little faces are enough for a person to be attracted to it and gravitate toward it when looking for a potential pet. They are known for their sweet but attention-seeking personalities and have few veterinary issues, other than their tendency to overeat sometimes. They are not necessarily a particular cat breed, their name is actually based on the color of their fur – they actually can be of any breed!

Here are just a few reasons why the orange tabby cat should be your next pet:

They are intelligent. They may not be considered a very sophisticated cat breed, but orange tabbies are very intelligent creatures. They love to find out what’s going on and are inquisitive. Their curiosity for things like toys and games make them a great pet that provides entertainment for its owner.

They are well-behaved. Orange tabby cats tend to learn the rules easily and have a knack for not being annoying to their humans.

They love children. If you have children in your household, this feline is the perfect one for your family! These kitties bond easily and more importantly, they are tolerable of hands that might be a little more rough than the average adult. And although there might be rougher handling, they still will return to the child to receive more affection.

They are easily tamed. Orange tabbies are pretty easy cats to tame, as they are receptive to humans, even at older ages.

They are the biggest sweethearts. One of the most prominent descriptions for these felines is sweetheart. They are gentle-natured and have sweet personalities, making them ideal pets for people of all ages. Needless to say, they have huge hearts and lots of affection to go around.

They are loyal. Once they bond with you, they are and will remain loyal. This breed is also very trusting of those whom they live with and who care for them. Now, go out and get an orange tabby!

(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

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