Refugee Woman Saves More than 40 Cats from a Ukranian Conflict Zone

40 cats

In the Ukraine, where an ongoing war is happening, one woman saved more than 40 cats from the country’s hostility.  The rescued cats were saved from the eastern part of Ukraine which is currently occupied by Russian-back forces.  Valentyna Prokopchyk couldn’t leave the felines to get hungry and eventually die in the conflict zone. Valentyna managed to save 46 cats from the streets of Luhansk region, an occupied area, and took them to a place close to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.  She paid a driver 7,000 Ukrainian Hryvnia to transport the felines away from the eastern part of the country.  The amount she paid the driver was almost double the average Ukrainian earns monthly.

Ukraine Today shared the story of Valentyna and her rescue cats on Youtube in an English voiceover video which is located below.  As the video started you will see the cats that she rescued.  The felines are roaming around the house safe and free from violence and hunger. In the video, Valentyna also explained why she left the conflict zone.  According to her, ‘the male stopped working and the banks are closed.’  Because of the horrible situation, she was forced to make flour paste and add water to it and gave to the cats but the animals refused to eat it.  She even had to feed some of the felines using a syringe.

After she saved a few cats, some of the cats just started to come on their own to Valentyna.  In fact, towards the end of the video she talks about a male cat who came to her door.  The cat seemed to think that she can protect him.  She believes that most of the cat owners have already flee the area to safety but left their cats. Valentyna’s wish is to find a forever home for each of the cats but until then she will do her best to provide lots of food, love and keep them safe.  She and the cats are currently staying at a private home near Kiev, where the cats are enjoying the safe environment they’re living.

We applaud Valentyna for all everything that she did to save the cats.  We hope that she will be able to find help in taking care of the cats and eventually find them forever homes.

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