Remembering Romeo the Charitable Hero Cat

romeo the cat

Meet Romeo, a cat that was able to help raise tens of thousands of dollars for other cats in need over the course of the past decade. This cat has a very sweet face that almost looks as if he is angry all the time, but he was a cat that actually found a great deal of enjoyment in his life. Sadly, Romeo hasn’t been well. He suffered from a type of kidney disease that made him quite uncomfortable from time to time, and it also ended up taking his life recently. This cat has been suffering for a while now, and he is finally in a better place where he is no longer in pain and no longer watching his life slow down and end little by little thanks to the pain.

Romeo was quite the remarkable cat, and everyone who knew him suffers a bit from their loss. This darling cat was deaf in both ears, had been surrendered to a shelter twice before he was adopted by his longtime loving family, and he had a very rough early start to life. However, this cat was not done and he had more in his life than just people giving up on him. He found a family who loved him, and he went through eight different surgeries for his health issues. He was such a fun loving cat with such a beautiful face and markings, and so good with the babies in his house that his mother started to use social media to make him a famous cat.

She did; and she did it well. She was able to make Romeo famous, and she used that platform as a way of helping Romeo raise money for homeless pets. In the past few years, this remarkable cat raised $95,000 for cats in need, and that is something worth recognizing now that this wonderful cat is no longer with us. We hope that his family is able to find peace in this time, and we thank Romeo and his family for all that they did for this cat and for the animals of the world.      

Photo Credit – Caroline Golon

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