Rescue Cat Brings Depressed Owner Back to Life


The spring of 2008 was the worst time of Darlene’s life: her mom who she considered her best friend passed away of cancer and six weeks after that, her blue-eyed tabby cat, Pretty Boy, also passed away of cancer. She was devastated and ultimately became depressed. Her kids and husband wanted to get her another cat but she told them, “No! I am done – I can’t go through losing another cat.” It was all too much for her to take because she’d grown up in a house full of cats and dogs all her life.

Three weeks after her beloved Pretty Boy had passed away, her husband called her at work to tell her that they were getting another cat that night. She refused, but her husband told her she had no choice in the matter – he was worried about her and knew that she needed a furry friend.

That same afternoon Darlene started looking at rescue sites on the web and came across a foster home of cats and kittens up for adoption. They went to take a look that evening and entered a room with 20 kittens running around. She sat quietly on the floor and looked around and all of a sudden, a little tabby with grey eyes jumped up on her lap and meowed, as if to say, “Ok, take me – I’m yours.” Darlene looked  at her husband and he laughed, saying, “I guess she is the one she has adopted you.”  They signed the papers and the cat, whom they eventually named Mystique, sat on her lap and purred all the way home. Since then, the cat has been her companion and the two have bonded effortlessly. Darlene considers her life so fulfilled with Mystique and is thankful for her rescue cat.

Photo Source: Darlene via The Animal Rescue Site


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