Rescue Cat Defies Death and Finds Loving Forever Home


It’s hard to believe that it was 13 years ago that Molly found her beloved Flo after the poor feline had been hit by a car. The Mesa, Arizona native actually thought that the female cat was dead and had just stopped to move her out of the middle of the road. But when she bent down and touched the kitty, to her surprise she meowed. The concerned woman drove the rescue cat to the vet as fast as she possibly could.

Good thing Molly took quick action: the cat had head trauma and the vet informed the woman that the cat would probably be mostly blind for the rest of her life. Once she became more alert, they realized she was actually a feral cat. Despite the news, the cat-lover wasn’t willing to give up. She got a large dog kennel, and worked with the kitty every day for months. Finally, one day she reached in to get the feline’s food dish, and she head-butted her hand. Molly knew right then that she and the kitty were meant to be the best of friends.

Flo is about 17 years old now and still has issues with her eyesight – she doesn’t see very well. But she is considered Molly’s baby, and follows her throughout the house. Wherever Molly is, her cat wants to be.

Photo Source: Molly via The Animal Rescue Site

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