Rescue Cat The Divine Diva Princess Chloe


Chloe comes to us from one of our Facebook fans Jennifer Holloway.  Jennifer decided to write a bio about Chloe in the first person.  We think you’ll enjoy it.

“My name is The Divine Diva Princess Chloe. My forever Momma fell in love with my picture on a site at a feral kitty adoption. I was taken from my community because of my age (6mos) and how sweet I was. I didn’t have a prayer of survival in the wild. My momma brought me home & taught me all the things I should’ve learned as a kitten, how to play, how to pounce (my favoritist thing ever) and how to be loved (like a Diva should). As you can tell from my photo-op, I took to indoor life immediately! (hence the name). I am now 1 year & a half and my only complaint so far is that my momma has the NERVE to go to sleep at night when I’m ready to play all night….silly momma!”

We’re so glad to know that Chloe is doing so well at home and is such a diva!  Please remember to submit any of your great cat stories to our Facebook Page for potential inclusion on our website!

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