Rescue Cat Elvira May Have Her Forever Home, But Always Remembers Her Rescuer


Elvira the “Itty Bitty Kitty” may have found her forever loving home now, but she can never and will never forget the woman who rescued her and nursed her back to health. The tiny kitten was found in an old barn when her rescuer found and saved her. The unnamed rescuer took care of Elvira, making sure the feline got to a healthy place before finding her a forever loving home. She visits every month to bring food as well as spend some quality time with the once-ailing rescue cat.

“[I] found her and her brothers literally under cow poop in an old barn. She nearly died a handful of times. I took care of her for about a month and found her a home with a very lonely friend of mine. I drop off food once a month for her,” her rescuer wrote.

During her monthly visits, Elvira still remembers her and loves to play with the kind lady. Although Elvira is all grown up now, she always loves it when her rescuer comes to see her.

She said, “I walked in, she pounced on me, then gave me kisses. She also likes to suck on fingers, lips, necks and hands-cat sweater planned for the reunion.”

It takes a lot to have to give away a cat you’ve rescued, but thankfully this woman gave the adorable kitten away to someone she trusts: a friend. And now she can visit as often as she wants, as well as see the kitten she saved grow up.

Image Source: Imgur

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